About Koru Lifescience

Koru has a strong focus on “agility” to speed the development of products that better meet customer needs.

Putting the patient first, Koru was established in 2017, and can be best described as a Pharmaceutical Centre of Research in the Age of agile. Koru is a fast growing pharmaceutical research and development group, bringing together an expansive pool of high value experts under one umbrella and offering complex, technologically advanced platforms targeting serious human disease.

Koru’s business model fundamentally depends on productive innovation to create value by delivering greater customer benefits.

Further, sustainable growth and values creation depend on steady R&D productivity with a positive ROI in order to drive future revenues that can be reinvested back into R&D.

Koru has a strong focus on “agility” to speed the development of products that better meet customer needs.

The attractiveness of agility stems from its potential to increase time spent on value-added work and ensure decisions take days, not months, to enable faster reallocation of resources and to enhance engagement—all of which ultimately translates into dramatically reduced time to market.

Blockbuster drug development model that has served pharmaceutical industry for decades and it is now evident that it has run its course.

Patents are expiring, new product pipelines are shrinking, austerity measures in most countries are only creating more challenges in market access. Performance of product development and product launches since 2000 is sobering at best.

For creating value for business by optimising current products, Koru focuses mainly on repurposing of drugs, differentiated product development using known compounds and latest technology platforms.

Koru has invested in personalised and stratified medicine using alternate technology platforms which also include 3D printing of pharmaceutical dosage forms.