Designing medicines for patients

Koru Lifescience is a pharmaceutical research and development group offering complex, technologically advanced platforms targeting serious human diseases.

Putting the patient first, Koru was established in 2017, and can be best described as a Pharmaceutical Centre of Research in the Age of agile.

Welcome to Koru Lifescience

Koru’s focus is on productive innovation to create value by delivering greater customer benefits.

Further, sustainable growth and values creation depend on steady R&D productivity with a positive ROI, driving future revenues to reinvest back into R&D.

Our Core Values

Scientific Integrity

To be accurate, cautious, to the point and to be transparent in our research as well as our communications. We encourage and support our team to stand up for what they believe is right. We encourage them to think beyond the status quo and discover new ways of driving innovation. We encourage them to break the convention if necessary as sometimes it is required to solve the problem.


Innovation is the founding pillar of scientific discovery and our team is committed to constantly develop new pathways.


We have a global team perspective. We understand that we can not do it all by ourselves. We collaborate and work closely with other innovative organisations that contribute to producing high quality innovation. We pursue this synergy in in technology platforms as well as collaborations in other aspects.


We are passionate about our work because we believe that our innovation brings resolve to unmet medical needs, reduces off target toxicity and lowers the healthcare cost. Complexity of biology and chemistry is well recognised and should be respected.

Improve people’s lives

Today 90% drugs that enter clinical trials never make it to the market. This directly impacts patients that are waiting for a new therapy. This also drives up the costs. Koru deeply cares about this challenge. We would like to solve this challenge by discovering better medicines, faster and making them more accessible for the people who need them. This way we can help the patients and those who love them